Queer Acts Project

Last year we finished the Queer Ephesians Project. It was satisfying, not least because of the fascinating conversations with people on line and in the flesh it provoked. Questions like: Can there ever be a queer commentary on the Bible? Is it doing violence to scripture to read it from a queer perspective? If queer readings of scripture simply seek to free the Bible from certain narrow readings, surely they should just be called orthodox?

There is a blog, an essay and a book in each of those questions. But what I was amazed by was how queer people around me were freed to engage with a scripture that some of them felt had been denied them. This, and only this actually, is my answer to the question: Why bother reading the Bible from a queer perspective?

The Queer Acts Project is an attempt to work through the Book of Acts, starting in February 2017. Its content is all available on this blog and can be found by clicking here or by selecting the Queer Acts category on the side menu.

Guest Posts

I welcome contributions from anyone who might like to write a guest post, reflecting on their reading of a portion of Acts of the Apostles. This need not be in the more formal style which I shall use, but may be in any medium which allows you to communicate effectively, and may be anonymous.

Please contact me at t.m.sharp@durham.ac.uk if you would like to contribute.