Prayer Request: Talking Jesus Mission

Dear friends,

Over this weekend I will try to snatch some time to write up the next section of Queer Acts, I promise. All the Ordinands at Cranmer are taking part in something called Talking Jesus, in which the Bishops of the Northern Province of the CofE and lots of clergy and missioners all descend on the Diocese of Durham for a weekend and support local parishes in growing in confidence in talking about Jesus in their communities.

We don’t get any extra time off before it, and essays press, but we are all excited. So please pray for all those taking part, and for the communities in Durham which will be receiving us. And please pray for the good folk of Willington and Hunwick, Co Durham, where I am on placement, and the team from Liverpool who are visiting.

Sometimes the work of the Church is a long hard slog. Sometimes it is a long hard slog which is fun and exciting! I think this is going to be the latter.




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